Buy or Lease a Truck

Looking for a food truck of your own?

We always have used food trucks available for sale or for lease. Every food truck comes equipped with a fully operational mobile kitchen on board and our mechanics make sure all systems and equipment are in good working condition.

If you are interested in buying your own truck, our used food trucks are typically priced around $35K for a late 90’s model.

If you’d prefer to lease a truck from us on a monthly basis, our lease is $2000 per month.

One cost of operating a food truck, whether you own a truck or lease one, is your commissary fee. All food trucks are mandated by the County Health Dept to park overnight at an approved commissary like Moody’s. Our commissary fee is $250 per week and you can learn more about what that includes on our commissary page.

All trucks come with a fully functioning mobile kitchen including:

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