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Today I’m posting the first blog post from us at Moody’s. For starters I just wanted to say hello and let you know that we’ll be using the company blog to post updates on whatever’s happening here at Moody’s. There’s always a lot going on around here. This industry is currently in a state of flux, and all this movement and energy is exciting. Our goal at Moody’s is to use that energy to propel our business forward into new territories.

We’ve been around since 1926, and a lot has happened since then (At least that’s what I’ve been told. The early years were a little before my time.) We’ve changed over time and will continue to change and grow in response to changes in both technology and consumer tastes.

Recently we’ve started a few new food trucks that we’re really excited about. First is Tortally Tasty. Tortally Tasty is a food truck that specializes in gourmet tortas. You can find out more about Tortally Tasty on the Facebook page. So far Tortally Tasty has been a success, and we’re very excited to watch it’s continued growth.

Moody's San Diego
Tortally Tasty

Our second, and most recent, gourmet food truck is officially named The Slider House Burger Co, but you can call it the Slider House. This may be a shocker, but the Slider House specializes in handcrafted sliders. We’re currently still developing the menu and working out a few details, but the launch should be within a couple weeks. You can find more info on the Slider House on the Facebook page.


Slider House Food Truck San Diego
Slider House Food Truck San Diego

Once we get the Slider House up and running, we’ve got a lot of other great ideas and improvement we want to implement here at Moody’s, but that’s it for now.

We’ll keep you posted!

– Denny

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